Maine Jaguars won the 2011 TAM Cricket Championship beating Maine Lions in Finals.
The following awards were handed over to teams and players during the Award ceremony on 07/09/2011.

TAM Winners trophy 2011: Maine Jaguars Team
TAM Runners Up Trophy 2011: Maine Lions Team
TAM Participant awards for teams: Idexx Snappers, Infy Royals, TD Blues,and WEX Warriors
Man of the Tournament: Hitesh Patel (Maine Lions)
Best Bowler: Sagar Patel (Wex Warriors)
Best Batsman: Hitesh Patel (Maine Lions)
Man of the Match Finals: Harmeet Singh(Maine Jaguars)

Points table as of June 21, 2011.

References: Net Run Rate formula and other details on Wikipedia
Net Run Rate explained on CricInfo

Start Date: June 4th 2011 Finals: June 25th 2011
Where: South Portland Middle School Baseball Ground, Wescott Rd, So. Portland
Participating Teams: Idexx Snappers, Infy Royals, Maine Jaguars, Maine Lions, TD Blues, WEX Warriors
Number of Overs per game: 12 Overs. Finals: 15 Overs
Organizers: Telugu Association of Maine (TAM)
For Further details contact:

        Jagadesh Juttu (Sports Secretary) - 207-400-1147
        Srini Nalamalapu (Sports Co-ordinator) - 248-719-2340

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2011 Schedule
(The team won is highlighted in Red. Click on the link to see the score in PDF.)
Match 1 (06/04/2011) --> Infy Royals Vs TD Blues
Match 2 (06/04/2011) --> Idexx Snappers Vs Maine Jaguars
Match 3 (06/05/2011) --> WEX Warriors Vs Maine Lions
Match 4 (06/05/2011) --> TD Blues Vs Idexx Snappers
Match 5 (06/07/2011) --> Maine Jaguars Vs WEX Warriors
Match 6 (06/08/2011) --> Infy Royals Vs Idexx Snappers
Match 7 (06/11/2011) --> TD Blues Vs Maine Jaguars
Match 8 (06/11/2011) --> Infy Royals Vs Maine Lions (Rain interrupted the match. 1 point each)
Match 9 (06/16/2011) --> TD Blues Vs WEX Warriors
(Rescheduled because of rain)
Match 10 (06/20/2011) --> Infy Royals Vs Maine Jaguars
Match 11 (06/14/2011) --> TD Blues Vs Maine Lions
Match 12 (06/15/2011) --> Idexx Snappers Vs WEX Warriors
Match 13 (06/18/2011) --> Infy Royals Vs WEX Warriors
Match 14 (06/18/2011) --> Maine Jaguars Vs Maine Lions
Match 15 (06/19/2011) --> Idexx Snappers Vs Maine Lions
(Walkover given to Maine Lions. Declared Maine Lions team as winner without a ball being bowled)
Semi Finals
Match 16 (06/22/2011) First Semi Final --> Maine Jaguars Vs IDEXX Snappers
Match 17 (06/27/2010) Second Semi Final --> Maine Lions Vs WEX Warriors
MPL 2011 Finals
Match 18 (07/09/2011) Finals --> Maine Lions Vs Maine Jaguars
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